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better grades houstonAffirmations part 1: What you say makes a difference
(November 26, 2013) Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I've noticed a lot of people posing messages on Facebook and elswhere about being thankful. One thing I am thankful for is the opportunity to use hypnosis to help people in Houston, Texas and elsewhere to feel better about their lives. The holiday season reminds us that the spirit of giving is an important part of the human condition. In that light I'd like to share some thoughts about affirmations.

What is an affirmation? It's simply something you say out loud over and over again. It can be a negative affirmation like "I'm such an idiot" (said whenever you do something wrong), or it can be a positive affirmation, like "I am a success." As I like to tell my clients, whatever you say out loud about yourself is going to come true so you might as well say good things!

Affirmations work by sending a message directly to your subconscious mind -- it is like talking directly to your subconscious without the need for hypnosis. Think of your subconscious as being an office worker at a desk, and on that desk is an in-box. Every time you say something about yourself out loud, a piece of paper with that message drifts down into that worker's in-box and he gets to work on it. If you say, "I'll never amount to anything," then the worker says, "Okay, I need to make sure you will never amount to anything...let me get right to work on that!"

If, on the other hand, you say, "I am a success at my business," then that piece of paper drifts down into the in-box and the worker says, "Okay, I need to make sure you will be successful at your business...let me get right to work on that!"

So choose your words carefully when you talk about yourself, even over the phone or in casual conversations. Make sure your subconscious is working on the life you want for yourself!

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