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kids need help too!

houston stop smokingYou might not be aware that hypnosis can help children get relief from problems and live up to their fullest potential.

The good news for parents is that kids respond extremely well to hypnosis, as children usually don't have the fears and misconceptions adults sometimes associate with hypnosis.

Kids are also generally highly suggestible up until they go through puberty, as most parents know from television advertising aimed at children. But that suggestibility is a strong resource when it comes to pediatric hypnosis, because children can absorb suggestions easily and change can be rapid and profound. Dan is skilled at interacting with kids and creating a fun atmosphere for positive change.

Services offered


Nightmare relief
Academic performance
Picky eating
Anxiety and stress
Fear of doctors/dentists
Pill swallowing
Pain relief
Getting injections/IV pokes   Monsters under the bed
Sports performance
Hair/eyebrow pulling


Is your child's problem not on the list above? Feel free to call 800-481-5949 and talk with Dan about it.

"Dan is excellent! My daughter was having nightmares every night involving close family members dying and her feeling helpless to stop it.  After one session and a magic wand (no kidding, the wand combined with the session really worked for my daughter), no more nightmares!! We all get a good night's sleep now.  Thank you Dan for being so great with kids!!" -- Dana Rahman

"Dan was patient and engaging with our young son, who is needing some help growing out of bed wetting. Not only did our son enjoy the session (and looks forward to seeing Dan again), but we saw a marked improvement after just the one session. Dan has an obvious gift for working with people -- young or old -- and helping them find ways to control their own subconscious mind. Highly recommended!" -- Michael Tucker

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As a parent, you may want to learn more about the hypnosis process. Download this free 13-minute audio (mp3 format) and learn about how hypnosis works. Click here for the download page.


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